5 Reasons to Relocate to Waxhaw

5 Reasons to Relocate to Waxhaw

Located about five miles to the south of the sprawling metropolis of Charlotte, beautiful Waxhaw, NC offers residents a charming mixture of the suburban and rural lifestyle. 

Why is it that the city of Waxhaw continues to attract more and more new residents? It’s hard to overlook the fact that the town’s population skyrocketed more than 105% since 2010. After learning about the area’s amenities and characteristics, it is easy to see why so many are drawn to Waxhaw. Below, we’ve outlined the five reasons why moving to Waxhaw is a great idea.

Live close to American history

Waxhaw’s history is one that’s arm and arm with the earliest history of our country. The richness of the area’s history isn’t so far back in the past that we can’t experience it every day. 

You can see many monuments to the past on the streets of the city. Visiting one of the area’s local museums is another great way to experience that strong undercurrent of the past that makes Waxhaw special. 

You don’t have to look far to find fresh food

The Piedmont region of North Carolina is known for being one of the most abundant farming areas in the East despite its hilly topography. Waxhaw, which is nuzzled right up in the middle of a rolling hill country, is the ideal place to move if you want to live in the midst of a bustling area for fresh, locally-sourced foods.

Local food stalls pop up along the historic district and in the countryside, regularly selling fresh fruits and vegetables and organic bread and pastries. The Farmers Market is a central hub in town that almost everyone visits weekly. In fact, it’s hard to exaggerate how important fresh produce, meat, and other homegrown groceries are to the local economy. You could say that a love for organic foods is one thing that ties this community together.

You’ll have a full calendar worth of social events to enjoy

The number of events that Waxhaw residents can attend has grown over the years. There is hardly a single weekend of the year when there’s nothing to do or see. Seasonal and annual events dominate the to-do list, with many festivals and get-togethers scheduled to bring the community together in a fun atmosphere.

The Waxhaw Kaleidoscope Fest is one annual highlight. On the first day of spring, community leaders put together a large-scale night on the town full of live musical performers. There’s also plenty of arts and crafts workshops and demonstrations to explore, an art show, opportunities to dance, and lots of food stalls and trucks to sample local fare. Kids are welcome. 

Autumn Treasures is the largest seasonal event in Waxhaw. It celebrates the beginning of fall with an extensive live music lineup, a pop-up carnival, and cuisine from all over the state. Many residents round out the year with an enormous Christmas Parade that brings locals together with a festive, family-friendly experience.

Natural wonders are right on your doorstep

As stated above, Waxhaw is located in the middle of rustic hill country, the edge of Charlotte’s urban magnetic pull, and the suburban calm of small town life. It only follows that the natural treasures on display in Waxhaw are second to none. No one who is moving to Waxhaw will have to wait long before it soaks in just how special the environment is here.

Cane Creek Park is the place to be during the hot summer days that Waxhaw experiences. There’s free access to the water with a family-friendly beach to use as a picnic location or a space to chill out for hours. You can also rent rowboats and kayaks at the park and explore a different side of town. While you’re at it, another place that Waxhaw residents love to visit year-round is the Waxhaw Footbridge, which has been in use since 1889.

It’s family-friendly… and pedestrian-friendly!

Since its very earliest days, Waxhaw has been a great place to raise a family. The low traffic, spacious homes, and superior schools in the area make Waxhaw a delightful small town for a child to grow up in. David G. Barnes Children’s Park is just one of the many excellent places to bring your kids throughout the week. The park is downtown so it’s easy to access from any direction. It features a large outdoor playground full of covered shelters and walking and hiking trails.

The Jammin’ by the Tracks outdoor concert series is another childhood favorite that every kid from Waxhaw remembers. This beloved music fair features some of the best in family-friendly entertainment and an ample dance floor where all the little ones can burn off some energy.

Downtown Waxhaw is currently undergoing a huge change. New sidewalks and crosswalks are being built throughout downtown to create a more accessible, pedestrian-friendly along Price Street, South Church Street, South Providence Street, and a pedestrian plaza along E N Main Street. These paths will connect the popular restaurants and businesses, encouraging locals to see more of the community on foot. A one-way road will also be added, along with wider sidewalks to accommodate the pedestrian plaza, which is scheduled for completion during the summer of 2023. 

Reach out to a local real estate agent

With that, we’ve come to the close of our list of reasons why moving to Waxhaw is a great idea. If you have any questions or comments to share about the town or Waxhaw real estate, get in touch today! Contact Kathy Humbert for more information.

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